Journal of Social and Development Sciences

Vol: 4  No. 10 October 2013


The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World pp. 446-448
Shiva Kumar Srinivasan Full Text PDF

The Failure of the 1917 Geddes Master Plan and 1959 Minoprio, Spencely, Macfarlane Master Plans: Some Reflections pp. 449-460
Bayezid Ismail Choudhury, Paul Jones, Peter Armstrong Full Text PDF

The Role of Clinical Governance in the Health Management Systems of Thailand pp. 461-466
John Walsh Full Text PDF

New Sight to Economic Development Progress in Developing Countries pp. 467-477
Maryam Jafari Galooyek, Zaleha Mohd Noor Full Text PDF

Awareness and Perception of Muslim Consumers on Non-Food Halal Product pp. 478-487
Norafni Farlina Rahim, Zurina Shafii, Syahidawati Shahwan Full Text PDF