Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies

Vol: 5  No. 9 September 2013


An analysis of Hotels and its Similarities to the Management of Hospitals: A case study of a Provincial Hospital in South Africa pp. 573-579
A. Deen, R. Balkaran Full Text PDF

A Matter of Intercultural Communication: Perspectives of International Students at a University in South Africa pp. 580-587
V.P. Rawjee, K. Reddy, M. Maharaj Full Text PDF

Analyses of Socioeconomic Factors influencing on-farm Conservation of Remnant Forest Tree Species: Evidence from Ghana pp. 588-602
Jones Abrefa Danquah , John K.M. Kuwornu, Ari Pappinen Full Text PDF

What Drives Private Saving in Botswana? pp. 603-611
Naledi. C. Modisaatsone Full Text PDF

Citizens’ Quality of Life: The Outcome of a Satisfied Health-Related Professional pp. 612-624
Chux Gervase Iwu Full Text PDF

Convergence or Divergence? Evaluation of Human Resource Practices in Turkey pp. 625-638
Ozge Tayfur Full Text PDF

The Importance of Teamwork, Continuous Top Management Support and Training in Bringing About TQM pp. 639-651
Sanjana Brijball Parumasur, Patsy Govender Full Text PDF