Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies

Vol: 4  No. 8 August 2012


Materialization of Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Portfolio Theory: A Brief Review pp. 431-435
Saqib Muneer, Saif-ur-Rehman Full Text PDF

Broad Money Demand in Mauritius with Implications for Monetary Policy pp. 436-448
Indranarain Ramlall Full Text PDF

Zakat Distribution and Growth in the Federal Territory of Malaysia pp. 449-456
Mohammed B. Yusoff, Sorfina Densumite Full Text PDF

A Study of the Returns Behavior of Small Capitalization REITs pp. 457-466
Sanjay Rajagopal, Patrick A. Hays Full Text PDF

A Study of the Impact of the e-CRM Perspective on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty-Exemplified by Bank Sinopac pp. 467-476
Chun-Chu Liu, Hsing-Chau Tseng, Li-min Chuang, Chien-Min Huang Full Text PDF

Ethical Perceptions and Green Buying Behavior of Consumers: A Cross-National Exploratory Study pp. 477-488
Pınar Basgoze, Oznur Ozkan Tektaş Full Text PDF