Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies

Vol: 4  No. 5 May 2012


Stock Market Returns and Weather Anomaly: Evidence from an Emerging Economy pp. 239-244
Hammad Hassan Mirza, Muhammad Jam e Kausar Ali Asghar, Naveed Mushtaq Full Text PDF

The Effect of Income Inequality on Property Crime: Evidence from Iran pp. 245-251
Najmeh Izadi, Khosrow Piraee Full Text PDF

The Influence of Personality Traits on Mobile Phone Application Preferences pp. 252-260
Wilburn Lane, Chris Manner Full Text PDF

The Economy of Education and its Role in National Development pp. 261-267
Yousef Mehnatfar, Abbas Rahi Full Text PDF

The Relationship between Government Size and Economic Growth in Iran; Bivariate and Trivariate Causality Testing pp. 268-276
Salma Keshtkaran, Khosrow Piraee, Farzane Bagheri Full Text PDF

Panel Cointegration and Pooled Mean Group Estimations of Energy-Output Dynamics in South Asia pp. 277-286
Anupam Das, Murshed Chowdhury, Muhammad Akhtaruzzaman Full Text PDF

Determinant Attributes of Customer Choice of Banks, Supplying Mortgage Products pp. 287-296
Irfan Ahmed, Saira Ashfaq, Shahid Mahmood, Umar Farooq Full Text PDF

Cultural Characteristics and Negotiation Styles pp. 297-306
Yu-Te Tu Full Text PDF